Fibre Mascara – In Extreme Dimension

Mascara is the one beauty product most of us ladies cannot live without despite of how much or how little Makeup we usually wear.

The Falsh Lash industry is booming as well as product’s like the infamous yet slightly costly Revitalash lash serum which has been proven to thicken and lengthen lashes after 3 months of daily use. So, With all these alternative options to achieve long and luscious lashes leading Mascara brands have had to step up their game and think outside the box, Which they have done. Ladies and…… Gents? I introduce you to MAC’s No1 selling Fibre Mascara, IN EXTREME DIMENSION 3D. My favourite!

Q.What is a Fibre Mascara?

A. Fibres are made from silk nylon or rayon. Together they cling to your natural lashes like tiny little threads to make them appear longer and fuller. In Extremely Dimension is a Triple Fibre Mascara so contains 3 times the fibres of a regular fibre mascara. It contains a whipped formula and Y shaped brush spikes to capture more product for a one dip application for both eyes.

Q.How much does it cost?

A.It costs £19 and can be found at any MAC Store or concession.

I love it and having worked with many different brands who have been sorely known just for their Mascaras, MAC have finally got it right with this one.

Left Eye Maxfactor Right Eye In Extreme Dimension.
Left Eye Maxfactor Right Eye In Extreme Dimension.wpid-screenshot_2014-09-24-20-37-46.png


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