Basic Special Effects MakeUp

So back in 2013 I was asked to join The Indigo Rebel crew to shoot a music video for a band called Head Hearts. As soon as I heard the track title FEAR I gathered the Make up involved was not going to be glam and glitz. After a pre -production meeting and listening to the track we got brainstorming.

Things to note when you are just starting out as a MUA (Makeup Artist) whether you are creating Make up looks for commercials, Music vids, Films etc is to know the theme and story line. Understanding the characters you are making up is also just as important as costume. YOU are the creator of what your viewers will be judging.

Once you have gathered the vital bits of info needed you create a Mood board/story board. I simply Googled a few pics from Images saved them on my iPad and took them to the pre production meeting. I took elements of my vision and what the production team where looking for and created the final vision.

Makeup and tools used for these looks are:

*Fake clogged Blood by Makeup Forever

*Bruise wheel by Kryolan

*HD Airbrush Foundation by Skin Base

*Purple Blue and Yellow Matte Eyeshadows

*Vaseline and a water spray for sweat beads

*Make up brushes are good but in some cases using your fingers to pat and blend products work best

*Translucent finishing powder by Laura Mercier

*A metal pan scrubber – amazing at creating a grazed skin effect

The camera I have used to take these pics is awful so check out the vid and let me know your thoughts. YouTube: Head Hearts – FEAR

The Crew
The Crew
Shooting with a HD RED
Shooting with a HD RED
He's hurt
He’s hurt
On Set
On Set

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